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Adventures in the Family Kitchen: Original Recipes Based on the Specific Carbohydrate Diet

by Raman Prasad

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I began organizing recipes from the SCD mailing lists and posting them online at my website scdrecipe dot com. This collection began as a simple effort to transfer the on-line recipes into a printed book after severeal diet followers requested we do so. However, I soon found myself gathering, testing, and writing down recipes from family and friends who had prepared meals for the diet. (There were so many recipes that only twenty from the website are included in this volume.)

This is a collection of mainly Italian-American, American, and Indian recipes. The cookbook ranges from meals created during family trips to India, to my Italian/Swedish/American mom's classic favorites, and lastly to recipes handed down to me by my 95-year old and thriving Italian grandmother.

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The first couple of weeks were very hard for him. He wanted to quit, I Talked him into giving it a month. He called me a few weeks ago and said ` Dad, this is the first time in 4 years I've felt normal. I love this diet'. He's off the drugs and happy. The diet has made such a difference in his life, I wanted to share that with anyone having similar problems.
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