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On Mom  |  Tribute to Elaine  |  Messages from the Email List on hearing of Elaine's Passing

On Mom
By Judy Herod

Your mother was a remarkable woman. I hear it everywhere. To us, the qualities that set Mom apart and made her extraordinary in so many people’s eyes, were quite ordinary. To live meant striving tirelessly, it meant being fueled by passion for one’s beliefs, it meant railing against injustice and forging one’s own path. All of these were the norm in our house.

But you know this about my mother. The reason I chose to speak is to share with you some of her life story -- much of it through her own words. She began writing her autobiography at the request of Judy Gorman of New York, who is writing a book about her experiences with the Specific Carbohydrate Diet and her autistic son. Mom did not get as far as we wish she had, but what she wrote offers many clues into the shaping of a character that was truly 90 per cent grit, spunk and determination.

Elaine Gloria Reichbaum was born at home in a suburb of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania on August 18, 1921. The family was poor. Her father was not around much. Grandparents, uncles and aunts lived together in the small house. Her mother, Jenny, was an invalid from the time of Mom’s birth, but her love was a powerful force in Mom’s life. Mom writes… “She, Jenny, adored me and I think that first year of love gave me the strength to carry on through the rest of my life  - until Judy became ill.”

From her earliest days her boundless energy showed. She was into everything, and her German granny called her a Koch leffel – a mixing spoon. Sadly, she was blamed for her mother’s ill health, but she did not accept this.

“I knew that I did not make my mother sick, and I think that was the start of my losing respect for authority figures and what they proclaimed,” she writes. “If that is the start of believing in yourself, then it started there!”

Many years later, when a New York gastroenterologist blamed Mom for my colitis, she writes: “I would die before I would believe this and, thus, began the fight of my life to save her and save me.”

She grew up during the Depression, and the family moved every school term as her father searched for work. From Pittsburgh, to Brooklyn, back to Pittsburgh, to Baltimore, back to Pittsburgh and on and on… Mom never got over this. The most crushing move came six months before she was to graduate from Forest Park High in Baltimore, where the family had finally put down roots. Her mother, Jenny, died and the family’s short-lived stability ended. “All dreams of going to college were smashed,” she writes. She was forced to move in with relatives in Brooklyn and her working life began.

The war was on.  I continued working as a secretary and sold war bonds in front of the Astor Hotel every night.  How I remember the mobs of people at Times Square. At the start of 1943, after a few trips back to Pittsburgh and my Father's death, I returned to New York and decided to change jobs.  Little did I know that the employment agency across the hall at my old job, was recruiting help for the Manhattan Project.  I thought that when they sent me to the Teacher's College at Columbia University for an interview, I would be working for some faculty member. In two days, they called and gave me a map of the campus  and told me to go down 3 flights of stairs to the geology building.  When I descended, I saw two guards standing at a barricade and, giving them the pass, they opened the door to the… "beginning of my life."

The first person she met was introduced to her this way: “Elaine, this is Herb Gottschall, and he won't forget your name because his fiancée’s name is Elaine.”

I thought, "Oh, what a lucky girl she is!"  

I don’t need to refer to Mom’s words to tell you this part of her story – I know it well because she never let us forget that Dad was her knight in shining armor. Obviously, his engagement to that other Elaine didn’t last. Mom and Dad were married in New York on October 8th, 1944. He proposed to her by leaving a small wrapped package on her typewriter – a diamond engagement ring – on her birthday, August 18th, 1944.

When the pilot plant project at Columbia University -- separating Uranium 235 from Uranium 238 – ended, they moved to Oak Ridge, Tennessee. Joan was born in Oak Ridge on April 23, 1947. Five and half years later, I was born in New Jersey on December 23rd, 1952.  

Mom writes that she recognized signs of illness in me from early on. Nose bleeds, night sweats, months of persistent diarrhea. The awful night terrors began when I was 3. I remember them vividly, then the toilet filled with blood – many of you know the story of my illness.

A parade of doctors across the United States, lots of emotional trauma to an entire family, a dying child, surgery imminent, many scars, so let me skip to our beloved Dr. Sidney Valentine Haas, the 92-year-old New York physician whose Specific Carbohydrate Diet saved our lives. I was eight years old.

Unfortunately, Mom’s story stops here. The last words she wrote of her autobiography are these:

When we started making arrangements for the surgery, I began to cry.  That was when this doctor said, "What are you crying about, Mrs. Gottschall?  You've done this to her!"  I went home and closed my bedroom door and cried for about two days nonstop.  It was then that my friend called.  On her way to visit me, she stopped in the supermarket and bumped into a third person and told her about Judy.  This woman said, "Tell your friend to call me immediately and I will give her the name of the doctor who saved our celiac twins.”  I called and she gave me Dr. Haas's telephone number and within 48 hours we were at 91st and Park Avenue.”

Finally, to fast forward this story even more… I showed improvement within days on the Haas diet. There were setbacks over the years, but ultimately a total cure. On Dad’s urging, at the age of 47, Mom entered university and began her scientific pursuit of the truth. She earned degrees in nutritional biochemistry and cellular biology. In 1987, Mom and Dad published Food and the Gut Reaction. Ten editions later, Breaking the Vicious Cycle, as it was renamed, has been translated into seven languages. Mom’s unwavering commitment – which is today her legacy – to get the word out and spare others from needless suffering, never abated.

Tribute to Elaine
By Jodi Bager

Have you ever heard of The Butterfly Effect?
The Butterfly Effect goes something like this:  The flap of a butterfly's wings in Central Park could ultimately cause an earthquake in China. So say the proponents of “chaos theory”, who use The Butterfly Effect to describe how small and apparently insignificant incidents can set in motion a chain of events with far reaching disastrous consequences. 

So what term could be used to illustrate ostensibly small incidents which result in miraculous events?  What term would you use to explain the tremendous impact that the work of one seemingly ordinary mother had on thousands of people the world over?  What would you call that effect?  Well let’s just call that The “Gottschall” Effect. Years ago Elaine’s Gottschall began a journey that set off a chain of extraordinary events altering more lives and generations than she ever imagined. The miracle of The Gottschall Effect is immeasurable: it gave so many of us back our lives. It gave so many of us back our children. It gave children back their parents and husbands back their wives. And for me, in addition to all this, The Gottschall Effect virtually changed the course of my life.

The list of words I can use to describe Elaine are endless -
She was energetic, spontaneous, funny, loving, fun-loving, hard-working, sympathetic, and generous of time and spirit. Elaine was educated, driven, interested and interesting. Elaine was a party girl.  Elaine loved wine with dinner, she loved wine with lunch, heck, Elaine loved wine before lunch! She loved her celebratory beer. Elaine was an avid movie go-er and, as Lucy Rossett pointed out when we spoke on the phone, this tells a lot about Elaine -  for it shows that she was a woman who changed with the times and found power in keeping up with world around her. Elaine loved eating and she loved food, and she loved SCD food best of all. Elaine was adventurous; she tried sushi for the first time, with me 3 years ago, and loved it - incredulous that she had lived a full 81 years without it.  Elaine was ageless; she cultivated friends of all ages and with her there was no generation gap.   Elaine was witty; she often reminded us that her 6th Nobel Prize was won for her almond flour muffins.

It is very important to me today to acknowledge Joan and Judy, Elaine’s two gracious daughters.  I thank you for this honour. You have been selfless in sharing your mother with all of us and for allowing this day to focus on this important part of her life.  I know you know how spectacular she was, and to have spent so much of your lives sharing her with us shows that the generosity of spirit that was so much a part of her being, she undoubtedly passed on to the two of you.  From all of us, I thank you for lending us your mother.  And please know that although the loss we feel is great, we know that you two have lost the most of all.

Elaine, I know you are watching us. You will be proud of what we do. We know we will forever be guided by your forceful, nudging hand. We will continue to plant the seeds and we promise Elaine, we will prove worthy of the legacy you have entrusted to us.

Messages on the lists after the news of Elaine’s passing on Monday 5th September

Carol Frilegh

Elaine Gottschall passed away peacefully today, September 5, 2005 at 3:30 p.m. EDT, with her daughters Judy Herod and Joan Gottschall by her side. She is also survieved by her son-in-law Stu Herod and grandchildren, Megan and Matthew. The funeral will take place in Cobourg, Ontario on Friday, September 9, time to be announced. Anyone planning to attend should contact the funeral home below so appropriate arrangements can be made for afterward. We have lost a rare individual who lovingly held many lives in her hands and rescued them and was respected and adored by all of us. We must carry on what she worked on for half of her lifetime in the manner she would have wished.

MacCoubrey Funeral Home
30 King St. East
Cobourg, Ontario
Canada K9A 1K7
Phone : (905) 372-5132
Fax : (905) 372-5252

Carol Frilegh
SCD 5 years


I am so sad, am in tears!
But she lived a very long life and died what she loved doing best, helping people
UC/Crohns 4.5yrs
SCD 10mos
8wks pregnant


It is a very sad news. Elaine was an angel that has changed many
peoples lifes. She will always be remembered by me.

UC 6 yrs
SCD 2 1/2 yrs
no meds


Thank you for posting the information that I was about to pass on. I wish I could be at her funeral, but am unfortunately recovering from bacterial phnemonia which I probably got on the plane visiting my kids in NY last week. I don't think it would be wise to make the attempt, and I know that Elaine would understand.
Besides being the strongest, most dynamic and energetic woman I've ever known, Elaine's powerful bright light was the beacon that brought so many of us health. For at least the past 5 years (after all, she'd say "I'm in my eigthies you know"), she and I joked about her death. What made it ironic, was that until just a few months ago, she had the energy of any five women I knew. I assured her that she still had way too much work to do, to quit any time soon. She'd pat me on the hand, fix me with her twinkly beautiful eyes, her impish grin and say "OK, a bit longer then".
There will never be another Elaine Gottschall. But there will unfortunately, continue to be IBD. While none of us may burn with the light of Elaine's passion, each and every one of us must hold up our own small candles to continue Elaine's mission and light the way for the coming generations. We must continue to make the difference. As I said to her son-in-law Stu earlier "Im sorry for your loss.....and

Carlene Arnold

This is so sad for the world to loose such an amazing Lady.


Dear List Members,

Today we lost a true heroine. Elaine was one of those rare individuals who, having found her way through her own personal crisis in the form of her young daughter's Ulcerative Colitis, feels compelled to help those who are still suffering. The journey from illness to health that she and her family took was long and fraught with uncertainty. But at the end of that journey she turned back, retraced and mapped the route, so that others could follow in her path. In the process, she faced ridicule from the medical community and had to fight to be taken seriously. Elaine stood up to them, and in doing so, stood up for all of us who will ever suffer from IBD,
IBS, Celiac, ASD's, and the myriad other complications that arise from gut issues.

There are few individuals from whom I have learned so much or who have had such a profound effect on my life - not only that her work literally saved my life and gave me back control over my illness... not only her patiently teaching me SCD and the science underlying it, and inspiring and encouraging me to keep learning and to share what I learned.... but also in teaching me about tenacity, compassion, and resilience. I will forever be thankful to Elaine for having the curiosity and drive to find out why her daughter was helped by the diet, and the courage and conviction to spread the word to those of us in need.

Tammy Quilty

I am baffled. I read the post about Elaine's health a couple of weeks ago. And thought I'll write her note. Didn't..............procrastinated...............and now ...
Reading the posts I am so so sad, crying, my heart is full of pain & grief. With blurry eyes and a sniffley nose I will say that Yes Elaine saved my life too. 3 1/2 years ago I was on my death bed in a Peterborough hospital, depressed beyond belief, life was dismal, bleak and hopeless. I was not sure of how I could go on and look after my three lil girl's. Doctors were not helpful. My senior room mate had grown children visiting her from TO. One of the visitors had a niece who had Ulcerative Colitis, like me. The visitor shared her miracle story. The niece had found A Way to live with relief, dignity and hope because of SCD. I located Elaine's book by phone at a local health shop & a friend brought it to me. Book in hand, I had A Way out. A way back to hope and life worth living with dignity. I sit here now, my UC managed with a quality life. I couldn't dream this possible 4 years ago. Doctors, specialists, surgeons, CCFC; no one was qualified  to show be a lighted path until I 'met' Elaine through her book & then here on this site. Elaine Gottschall gave me a second chance at life. I will be eternally grateful. Thank you Elaine.

Brent S Applebaum

I am deeply saddened.
Elaine gave me my life back.
Brent S Applebaum


Dearest T,
So many wonderful, silly memories are rolling around in my head, but for the life of me, I can't remember how we tagged Elaine "motorcycle Momma". Do you?
Love, Rachel


Yup... I surely do. It was shortly after someone hit her car... some 'kid' in a souped up Honda CRX came flying around the corner just where her long driveway begins up to The House on the Hill, and drove right into her. At the time, she was going, going, going at her usual pace - visiting Toronto SCDers, planning the trips to NYC, and to England (you were at all three of those big get-togethers with her), and we started to razz her about how she should just get rid of the car and get a motorcycle, because she was hell on wheels... I offered her my knee high leather boots, bike jacket and a helmet, and she jokingly accepted them... but with all seriousness, accepted the title of Motorcycle Mama, and proudly signed her posts to the list "MM" from time to time, when she was in that kind of mood.

Sadly, we never did take the picture of her all decked out, but we did take many others... perhaps it's time to update the various websites and put some of them up (she never did quite forgive me for snapping that picture of her gesticulating with her middle finger out - quite by accident - but then labelling it "Elaine discusses her feelings about the CCFA")...


Oh my! We lost a true heroine today!! Words just won't do her any kind of justice, sigh. But I KNOW that she will continue to live on in our hearts, and in the hearts of others who will come to know her dedication and spirit through her book, website, and wonderful stories that others will be able to tell about her. Elaine, we will always love you. {tears}


I just spoke with Marilyn (on the road as a result of Hurricane Katrina and without internet access until at least tomorrow). She asked that I convey her deep sorrow at the news of Elaine's passing. I've had a number of conversations with people tonight - both online and on the phone, and while talking to Marilyn about them and about Elaine, we were both struck by two common threads in every conversation - the fact that each person expressed the profound impact Elaine had on their lives, and that each person spoke of the total impact Elaine and her work had on her world. She left the world a better place for her having been with us - too rare a
quality, and a far-reaching legacy.

Many on the list have written of tears tonight. Despite our sadness at losing Elaine, please, let them also be tears of joy for the gift she gave us and life she lived. As Marilyn said, it is a life worthy of celebration.

Marjan van Hamond-Ernens

I just read the notice on Elaines passing , and I am so terribly sad . Also for me , here in Holland her teaching SCD saved my life in more ways than
I offer my condolances to her family and all the people of the mailing list wich whom I have been mailing for the past 4 yrs. I wished that I could hugg all of you out there , you will all be in my prayers. Farewell Elaine and thank you so much for all you have done for the world.

James Ewing

Another post expressing sadness and inexpressible gratitude for Elaine and all she has done for so many of us. Her work remains a powerful reminder of how we can, I am beginning to think must, take responsibility for the health of our bodies, finding solutions ourselves and move out of dependence on current medical paradigms.
She was and is a saint in her field.


I was hoping she would live long enough to see SCD become more mainstream. At least a good study to prove its merits and have the medical community stop saying that food has nothing to do with these diseases.

Rachel or t, do you know if there is something or someone (or multiple people) continuing her fight? Who will replace her on the lecture circuit? I'm wondering what we can do to continue to push for more research, to continue to get the word out. I'm hoping she organized her research foundation or has all of this in place. I know there are enough of us that are improving/have improved in order to continue the fight in an underground way. Yet I can't help feel that more could be done.

Someone suggested that if CCFA were to be in charge of a study, they would intentionally manipulate it in order to discredit the diet. (Too much power amongst the pharmaceutical giants.) And to petition them to do something would result in evil failure. (my words)

So I'm wondering where to go with it all. We need an article at the very least, to announce her passing, and the incredible fight she spent her lifetime to achieve. And how many thousands of people have been saved by her.

If she cannot be alive to say "I told you so", at least we can continue her fight so her work can be reached to all those suffering willing to try a diet.

What should we do now? Is there an organized front to replace her? I'm ready to fight, I just don't know where to direct my anger.



Dear Deborah,
There are so many of us that continue Elaine's fight. Elaine called it a grassroots movement, and if each of us healed, (and our numbers are impressive) touches a handful of similarly distressed, we will eventually reach everyone that is in need of what we have to offer. If I were to keep count, besides the thousands that have passed through this list, there is probably another thousand that I've spoken to through family and friends, since being healed through the SCD.

I haven't wanted to discourage your CCFA battle, but I've seen it come to nothing too many times, to have much hope for success from that direction. You can't expect a for-profit conglomerate to cut it's own throat. I continue to give a book to every doctor I come in contact with and lord knows, it's been too many doctors of late. I know that Elaine did set up something for research, but we'll have to wait a bit to find out more about it. To my knowledge, the books will continue to be published and sold through the family. As for directing your anger, who knows? Look what Elaine managed to do with hers ;-)


Well said Debora! I myself have been on SCD for almost 2 months now and have seen such a dramatic improvement that I thank God for Elaine & having found her book, every day! Though I did not know her, I am saddened by her passing, and hope we as a collective group can continue to share and promote her life's work. May she rest in peace. 


I would like to offer my condolences to Elaine's family and friends. I only knew her through her book and through those here that would speak of her from time to time. Her work got me through a very difficult time. Ultimately, I ended up with a very healthy lifestyle and healing. When we face doctors that just offer tests and pills, Elaine mapped out a diet that puts your health under your own control. It has been working well for me, and I can't be thankful enough!!


From Spain, I want also to share with the list my deep sadness. Elaine, with her book, helped me as she did with many of you. I'll be grateful for ever and she will be in my memory for the rest of my life. I also think that we all are the ones to continue the fight, just talking to people, just being healthy and alive, all over the world…We have the strength that Elaine's model gives us. I like the idea of the grassroots movement.
I don't know when, but I'm sure that the truth will finally win…thanks to its own power, and Elaine's name will be written in very big letters.
My condolences to her family and friends and a very big THANK YOU to Elaine.


I too offer my condolences. What a great loss. The only thing to do is to keep on going with her "healthy healing" and keep getting out there. To other patients who are willing, to doctors who are open to hear and see the positive results. There is always someone listening....the main task is not to give up!


I express my deepest condolences for a huge loss of our Dearest Elaine. Pray for her soul may rest in eternal peace.


Here is how I deal each day with having Crohn's needing to be on the diet, and now without elaine to guide us. I think of this saying.

A PEARL is a beautiful and valuable item that starts out as an IRRITATION to the clam. It is covered by multiple layers of calcium that only the CLAM can
make. My hope is that the irritation of crohn's/colitis will be covered over by the miraculous healing ability of the body so that when the disease is gone, all that is left is the PEARL that improves your life

I truly believe that ultimaltley we must heal ourselves. It is a journey that you take mostly alone. Others comfort and encourage you but the choice to do it, and the person accountable for your actions is always you and only you. It did seem like we needed elaine for everything, but she has left us her gift, and the best way to remember her, and I think what she would want is to pass on information and support to someone who has not yet started the diet. Can you think of a better gesture to commemorate her life?

Andrea O. K. Wright

Like many of you, I cried when I saw Carol's email about Elaine. I am
unspeakably sad, and will not try to express my sense of loss.

In line with Marilyn and t's conversation, however, I want to share a poem
that I wrote for Elaine last week and mailed to her. It is an expression of
just one way in which her approach to implementing the Haas diet was
innovative and how she imbued those basic rules (without bending them) with
her joie de vivre.

To Elaine Gottschall, Nutritional Nanny

"Just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way."
-- "A Spoonful of Sugar" (from Mary Poppins), lyric by Robert B.

Your way is so much better,
more magical even,
than anything
Mary Poppins could come up with:

the medicine itself
can be sweet,
or rich.

The medicine can be
honey-ginger chutney,
sweet and sour lentils,
lemon soufflé,
or raspberry mousse.

I picture delighted med school students
gourmet recipes
in their pharmacology books.

I picture the return of
drugstore soda fountains.
They'd dispense SCD shakes exclusively, of course!

I see SCD ice cream sundaes on the counter,
each with a real cherry on top.

Sabine Magdalena


I have always loved Mary Poppins, and since she will forever remain a great
nanny; on our behalf, she might as well have said:

"Just a spoonful of honey helps the medicine go down
In a most delightful way."

In many cases, me too, meds are no longer needed. That's the way I like it.
Doo doo doo doo ... (KC and The Sunshine Band, Backstreet Boys...) Thank you
Elaine doo doo doo...

And there is some other happy SCD-tune:

"I don't want no sugar in my coffee
Makes me mean, it makes me mean."

What they just played on the radio was this, and I'll stick to it SCD-wise,
though I, again, have to borrow the words from someone else:

I Won't Back Down
Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Well I won't back down
No I won't back down
You can stand me up at the gates of hell
But I won't back down
No I'll stand my ground, won't be turned around
And I'll keep this world from draggin me down
gonna stand my ground
... and I won't back down

(I won't back down...)
Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
(and I won't back down...)
hey I will stand my ground
and I won't back down

Well I know what's right, I got just one life
in a world that keeps on pushin me around
but I'll stand my ground
...and I won't back down

(I won't back down...)
Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
(and I won't back down...)
hey I will stand my ground
(I won't back down)
and I won't back down...

(I won't back down...)
Hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
(I won't back down)
hey I won't back down
(and I won't back down)
hey baby, there ain't no easy way out
(and I won't back down)
hey I will stand my ground
(and I won't back down)
and I won't back down
(I won't back down)
No I won't back down...

Thank you for your poetry, this is real comfort. I won't clip this mail, and I won't back down.


I would like to express my deepest sorrow on Elaine's passing and my enormous gratitude for her work in helping others and myself live a normal life. She will be sorely missed and & remembered dearly. I hope there exists others who will carry on the scrupulous work she devoted so much of herself to. My condolences to her family, friends, and all of us.


I wanted to say something else to Debora, about her petition to the ccfa. And then I saw the news about Elaine! I personally am awestruck, I surely hope that amongs the ranks will come a champion. To carry on her great work. I know that God holds a special place for Elaine! My condolences go out to her family and loved ones!


It was with sadness that I read about Elaine's passing. What a wonderful legacy she has left to the world!


I will forever be grateful for all I have learned from Elaine. Her work contributed to my life (and continues to do so) in such a huge way. I never knew her personally, but her presence on Earth made a huge difference in my life. I know she touched many other lives as well. Thank you Elaine!


Somewhere I read (maybe in Embraced by the Light?) That when we arrive in heaven we have the opportunity to see how our lives, our actions, our choices have impacted others. It's sort of like watching a movie with many,many plotlines, each one somehow connecting to something we said, or did (or failed to do). If this is true, then Elaine's movie will be several thousand reels long.

When I read that she had passed on, my first reaction was a terrible sadness, quickly followed by the thought that at last she will know just how much she was loved, that she will see the astonishing scope of her accomplishment. I'm thinking of that scene in It's a Wonderful Life, when George Bailey sees his brother's grave, and the angel tells him that because he wasn't there to keep his little brother from crashing through the ice and drowning, his brother didn't grow up to be the fighter pilot who saved a transport full of men. For each person who was made well by this diet, there is also a life set back in motion, a life that in turn affects how many others? The ripple effect of SCD seems nearly infinite.

Not a day has passed these last ten months when I didn't offer up a prayer of gratitude for Elaine, for her courage, her fortitude, her spark and creativity. She is this family's personal saint. I so hoped that one day I would get to meet her and tell her how I felt. I realize now that there wouldn't have been adequate words to express the debt I owe her. My daughter was sick, so sick she couldn't go to school. Then we found the diet, and life began anew. As I type these words I can hear the front door banging open downstairs, it's Maddie yelling "Hi Mom I'm home! And I'm REALLY hungry!"

My eternal thanks to Elaine Gloria Gottschall.


As I get older, the deeper the meaning the harder it is for me to find adequate words. words really cannot express how meaningful Elaines work has been for my daughter's life. I am sure that Elaine is deservedly with angels. Heartfelt best wishes to all who mourn her passing. She was an amazing woman who has influenced for the better countless lives. If anyone is working on getting some pr done for the foundation and its goals, I am glad to help.

Pat Lattanzio

Elaine's Miracle

Many years ago
Elaine's journey
To save her child
An unbelieveable saga
Of love
Which today
The entire earth
Bringing healing
For those
In need
And, as it should be
Everyone who has been touched
By Elaine's miracle
In ways great or small
Will now pass her knowledge and love
Down through each generation
Until the end of time

Pat Lattanzio

I sent this to Elaine a few years ago but feel the need to send it to the list at this time since I'm sure many parents can relate to it. Elaine will surely be missed!!!! Pat Lattanzio

I sit beside him
Silently crying
As his spirit
Slowly drains
And he struggles to achieve
What we all take for granted
Eating and nourishing his body
The effort is almost
Too much to bear
But then,
We discover
Crafted with love and science
By a woman
Who is the embodiment
Of love and science.
Again, I wait and watch
Hoping, praying
That this time
It will be different
The years of unshed tears
Are released
As I behold
My child
My first-born son
Slowly leave the darkness of despair and pain
To embrace a new life
Filled with energy, joy, love
And the radiance
Of healing light.

Thank you, Elaine!


Elaine helped so many children around the world.. My daughter is one of those. If it wasn't for her who knows where our daughter might be. Elaine unselfishly gave of her time ... as I remember a few short years ago, that she herself was on the computer answering questions!! She was, and will always be remembered, as a wonderful human being that helped so many people. She did so with grace and fortitude - even when the medical establishment said she was wrong.
She will always be remembered by our family.


What a sad day. I just read this and was very sad. I had just introduced a buddy of mine to SCD and it is making her feel better already. One of my greatest admirations of Elaine was that, unlike many other 'diets', 'programs', etc. she would tell people if she didn't think it was working for them so they could move on. She told the truth, and after the SCDiet, this was her second greatest gift. Seeing that her primary concern was people, not profit, made me trust her and her diet more, it also helped me to understand my body better. The fact that she gave individual attention, answering emails phone calls, et. impressed me even more. As I told many people about the diet over the years, these are the things I told them many times as I explained the difference between Elaine and others offering help for bowel diesase.

Even though Elaine is gone, her work will live on for all of us. To quote Rachel:"Im sorry for your loss.....and mine"
My regards to the surviving family members of Elaine Gottschall, she was a true trailblazer.


Absolute tragedy. Without Elaine I'd have (at best) been under the knife years ago. She'll never be forgotten, not by myself nor by the countless thousands of people worldwide who benefited from her work. My condolences to her family,



My thoughts are with her family at this sad sad time, love Poppet xxx


My love goes out to her family. Thank you for everything Elaine :)


I don't think words can express how much Elaine has done to change my life, and given me back some of the things I thought I'd lost forever. My thoughts are with her family.


I am so sorry to hear this. She has done so much good. Just today I told a lady with an autistic child about Elaine's book and she was so relieved to find something that may help. I send my loving thoughts and sympathy to her family. Thankyou.


Heartbroken and with sadness that can't find words I'd like to join in the thoughts by Luke below, that is exactly how I'm feeling at the moment. Elaine gave me my life back, how can one ever, ever, thank enough...Her memory and work goes on, in all of of us.


I'm SO sorry to hear of Elaine's passing!!! What a blessing this dear woman was to me though I never met her.

Only yesterday I went to a dermatologist about my longstanding facial rash and knew as he was diagnosing it that he was only spouting the medical party line and doesn't really have a clue. That's the very reason I hadn't gone to a dermatologist sooner. I KNEW that they don't have a clue.

Thanks to y'all I've seen a dramatic improvement in my rash using the SCD, topical antifungals, and cultured cabbage juice. I made the appt. 2 months ago and by now it was virtually gone. If I'd had my wits about me on Friday I'd have cancelled the appt. but didn't think to and, of course, Monday was a holiday - so I had to go. I very nicely TOLD the poor ignorant fool of an m.d. what the diagnosis is, what had helped, etc., and he interrupted me to say that, no, it's rosacea -- which is an inflamation, probably geneticly passed on, and the treatment is steroids and antibiotics.

I asked what CAUSED it -- well, they don't know... I had TOLD him what caused it!!! Bad g.i. flora!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Honeys, there are none so blind as those who will not see... and they may NEVER see. The person waiting to see him after me was a cute young drug saleswoman. My cultured cabbage juice costs me less than $15/month so no drug company will research THAT!!!

Thank You, God, for Elaine! Due to her generosity I will probably never need to use his expensive prescriptions 'cause I think with her nutritional regimen the rash is leaving never to return.

Blessings, Artful



Thank you for sharing your poems about Elaine's miracle work. They were lovely, as was she.
I'm sorry I never had the privilege and honor of meeting her, my saving angel . . . and am very sorry that I won't be able to attend her funeral.

For the past couple of months I've been dealing with a Crohn's flare and after suffering through a couple of weeks of denial . . . I re-visited Elaine's SCD (first time I went on her SCD was back in 1997 and I remained symptom free for 9 years, with no meds). As a testament to Elaine and all her hard work and loving efforts, my colonoscopy (done a day after her death) showed "inactive colitis"! Yet another success story. Indeed . . . thank you, Elaine Gottschall! You will forever be remembered lovingly.


I am sure elaine appreciated that very much.. How wonderful for others to imagine and even more wonderful that it has been true for you and so many others. God bless her and our family's prayers go out to her and her loved ones. I cannot count the number of times I thanked God for her, a living angel, and her work will carry on.

MMallet UC 3+yrs


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I had UC for 9 years untill recently. Following this diet from Aug 2002. Symptoms free, thanks to Elaine that she shared her wisdom in this book.
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- Katerina
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