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Seizure free since October 2003 thanks to the SCD

October 24th, 2003

My little daughter Rachael, who is 20 1/2 months old, has been having seizures since she turned 8 1/2 months - following her third set of immunizations.

We tried drugs - and they made things worse, then we tried the SCD™ but never took dairy out and her seizures got significantly better, but instead of continuing with the SCD™, we decided to try the ketogenic diet next - which has been designed to control seizures, and it too made things worse.

As we were coming off the ketogenic diet in October, I decided to switch Rachael to the SCD™ but this time to follow the ASD protocol, and substituted the cow dairy for goat dairy. Her seizures, which she had every day for 363 days, stopped five days after putting her on the cow dairy free SCD™. I thought that those days would never come.

It has been about 12 days since her seizures stopped, and Rachael is developping again and doing things that she has never done - making more effort to communicate, playing with toys more appropriately, is alert and occasionaly more cranky - she makes her feeling known which is a very good thing.

The change is amazing, her personality is coming back and we cannot contain our joy!!!! We pray that this is a permanent cessation of seizures and that as long as we keep on this diet, her brain will heal and she will make a complete recovery.

Thank you Elaine and every one else who takes the time to share the information re. this amazing diet.

–Ania, mom to Rachael

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