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Hannah is PDD-Vaccine Injured and improves on SCD

February 27th, 2006

We have been SCD™ for almost 8 weeks now! Things are getting better and better! I am seeing Hannah do things I had only sat and thought "I wish she would do this or that". Before her vaccinations, she would pull wagons, ride on scooters, etc. Well, a couple of days ago I was in the living room and Hannah came walking in pulling her little wagon! She is really enjoying playing with baby dolls (feeding them bottles and drinks from a cup, craddling and saying sleep), she is enjoying bubbles. Before, all she would play with were block and puzzle pieces-which by the way had to be lined up just perfectly. Those days are gone! She is trying at new words every day! We are still not at "verbal communication", but I am just so happy to hear words! Yesterday, she actually sang "ashes ashes we all fall down". I nearly fell down when I heard it!! She is our absolute blessing and i am so thankful for her. I know that we are all going through this for a reason and that we never take any "word, gesture, task" that out angels perform for granted.

I am so greatful for this diet. I also want to say thanks for all the wonderful support and advice. We would not be where we are today without this diet and this support!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Brandee Simmang
mom to Hannah, 31 months, PDD-Vaccine Injured SCD™ 8 weeks

–Brandee Simmang mom to Hannah

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